By Deborah Mustapha

Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU as popularly called is a Nigerian union of university academic staff, founded in 1978.

Recently, a shameful secret between a university lecturer and a propective undergraduate of age 18 was exposed in University of Lagos, (UNILAG), the lecturer is known to be a Pastor along side his profession, but as publicly tagged that spirit of the flesh used him to do such shameless operation by being involved in sexual act for grading students high and promise 100 percent admission gurantee into the university.

However, this act has given universities’ lecturers stigma, especially UNILAG, where the secret exposed from.

Nevertheless, to recall that few weeks after the secret exposed, ASUU salary payment issue came up again with the Federal Government, which made them neglected the #SexForGrade scandal and focus on money, moreover, it led to student’s and Nigerians reaction towards the priority of money over moral.

According to definition, Moral is the Principle of being right neither wrong, doing the right thing without the motive if it legally wrong.

Following the money over moral, many tweeted on Twitter social media;

“Condemn #SexForGrades, they wont! Condemn student’s exploitation, they won’t, Condemn lecturers’ truancy, they won’t… But whenever its a financial issue, they’d threaten with strike! Have ASUU ever gone on strike for any purpose other than money? I’m just asking!”

“#SexForGrades Nigerian lecturers don’t make much progress in research, as they are more concerned about money than educating the minds of their students. Is only in Nigeria that lecturers do copy and paste to be become professors”.

“I have never heard of ASUU going on strike for a non-monetary issue like #SexForGrades. Las Las, ASUU na scam”.

“They are all thesame and don’t expect them to condemn what all do in secrets but God will surely expose them #sexforgrades”.

Source: Adeoliseh blog

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