By Deborah Mustapha

In a bid to dance to the tune of the recent time, Man Crush Monday as popularly called MCM, is a slang and exhibition to make gender value priority and value days of the week.

However, Duchess House, a touching lives through airwaves media, has started the recognision of these values.

Tasking the male readers in order to pick the first face of Duchess Media MCM, one of the active male readers was qualified and replied to the question asked to write about themselves before 12pm today, (Monday).

“Thank you very much, My name is Joshua Olagundoye, I went to Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo. I am the First child in the Family, I love rice and plantain more, well I’m not sure I really have a favourite colour.

My fashion sense is to dress in a way that makes me comfortable with my movement.

lastly, I am the owner of THE COMMUNICATOR’S BLOG. I am a Journalist, and a writer by calling”, the winner, Joshua, responded.

Source: Duchess Media

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