I’m Jewellery addict

By Precious Agre 

Growing up with a very fashionable mom I quickly understood the importance of jewelries.

My mother will always wear jewelry in the house , when she’s stepping out of to get several things across the road or most importantly when going for a party . She would do the same for my sister and I making sure we always wear at least a piece of jewelry. Even though she was very particular about not leaving our ears or our necks bare she never instilled the need to be extravagant about them. Her motto was “simplicity with class”. She was particular about our looks , mostly the use of jewelry. I never understood her obsession with looking good being a tomboy through my puberty and adolescent years, growing into adulthood changed my view about the whole concept of jewelry and it’s value .

A lot has changed since my delinquent years much more so that now I can’t imagine stepping out of my house without a piece of jewelry, I have graduated from wearing as little as a piece to wearing them to the point they become noticeable but I always keep in mind my mother’s word not being too extravagant about it. Jewelries have become my go to as the perfect compliment to a perfect outfit. I believe for every outfit a perfectly thought out jewelry should accompany it.

I do not only believe people need to wear jewelry but I believe they need to wear it properly. I have seen several people with mismatched jewelry and it was not a sight to behold. So ,if you want to wear jewelry, wear it the right way so as not to look weird . Your jewelry is a crucial part of your day to day dress up ,how well you can wear them will determine how they will compliment your outfit. Your jewelry will compliment your looks bringing out your natural beauty the same way a beautiful outfit will.

Your wrist watch isn’t just for checking the time it can seat on your wrist as the perfect adornment the same way a hand chain or bangles can. Glasses aren’t meant to only protect your eyes from the sun or serve as just a vision magnifier , they can serve as a testament to your fashion Sense. Earrings even though they range in sizes don’t just seat on your ears as ornament they beauty them. Every piece of jewelry is important.

Jewelries are as much a part of fashion as nice clothes , they say a lot about your fashion sense the same way nice clothes do . Jewelry is also fashion.

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