How did you DRESS today?

By Fashion Blogger 

Over decades, clothing has been part of life normalcy. In fact, it’s embarrassing to be seen in public without clothes.

Why do we wear clothes?
We dress up to cover the sensitive part of the body.

However, in the recent times, some are seen exposing the sensitive part of the body, which many considered as indecent dressing.

Well, we dress up for different occasions depending on gender, body type and among others as we are expected to fit into all types of social settings.

To fast forward, it’s new week after the nasty experience over couples of days ago due to happenings in the country.

However, out of seven days that makes a week, five days are scheduled for office to secure the popular saying called “Money bag” meaning that we have to look CORPORATE.

On daily basis, new styles and fashions emerge, let’s check out some Office wear;

Female outfits 

Male outfits 


Fashion outfits brought to you from Adeoliseh Blog 



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