I’m proud I rejected my future husband countless times before I SAID YES!

Following cruise and memes on social media, Adeoliseh Blog obtained post of a Nigerian lady, who disclosed her love life as she prepares to marry in tickle of an eyes.

Read and enjoy the story below;

“My soon to be husband had been in the company I work for over 3 months without me noticing him, not even once.

On this faithful Wednesday evening after work our eyes locked as he drove pass by me with another colleague while I was waiting for my Uber. There was a mutual attraction there and then.

He walked into my office the following day and offered to drop me home after work which I refused and as relentless as he can be he kept insisting. I was left with no choice than to join him and this evening droppings became our daily routine. That’s where our little gossips and inquisitiveness started from. We would chat and still have something to talk about when we met.
Somewhere late2019, he asked me out and I turned him down but he kept pursuing me. I later told him to give me sometime to pray about it.

Fast forward to 2020,we started dating with the intentions of getting married soon, little did I know my soon was around the corne.

My husband to be asked me to marry him a day after my birthday at my surprise party. I had a double portion of surprises and I said a big YES!
Congratulations 💃🏽🥂❤️💍😍 to me”.

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